Esquel, Chubut Province (Patagonian Territory), Argentina
Find, before 1951

Stony-Iron, Pallasite, MGP
Half sclice, 537g

Remarks: Ex Robert Haag piece

In 1951 a farmer uncovered a meteorite in an unknown location near Esquel while digging a hole for a water tank. The meteorite was purchased from the finders in Buenos Aires and taken to the United States in 1992 by meteorite expert Robert Haag. The Esquel pallasite is known world-wide among collectors and the meteoritical scientific community. Esquel is one of the most beautiful meteorites ever found and is also one of the most desirable pallasites among meteorite collectors. It is a main group pallasite (MGP)

The Meteoritical Bulletin no. 29 (1964) reports a main mass of “about 1500 kg”. However O. A. Turone claimed a main mass weight of 755 kilograms (1,664 lb). Robert Haag, the buyer of the main mass, reported a weight of 680 kilograms (1,500 lb). Almost all of the Esquel ever found on the market is cut from his piece.

Specimen Description:
A nice half slice of the one of the most beautiful pallasites ever found. Piece is from the one of the legendary characters of meteorite history, Robert Haag.

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