Find 1931

Iron, IIIAB 
8760 g

The Henbury Iron Meteorites and crater field were discovered in 1931. There are approximately 13 impact craters created by the impacting Henbury Meteorites. This iron meteorite is classified as a (IIIAB) medium octahedrite. These meteorites are often very nicely sculptured. Some are beautifully twisted and torn by the forced exerted on the metal at impact.

Specimen Description:
This is a complete piece that show the typical red patina, regmaglypts and sharp shrapnel like edges. Piece comes with Arizona state university label and hand painted number. Piece is also an ex Harvey Nininger collection piece and it is shown in the photo plate VIII in his book: The Nininger Collection of Meteorites: A Catalog and A History, 1950. Later the Nininger collection was sold to the Arizona State University Center for Meteorite Studies in 1960 which displays a selection of these meteorites in their public museum. This Piece is probably found half buried. Regmaglypted area have probably been over the surface and area with sharp edges and moderate weathering have been buried.

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