Mommola, Huittinen, Finland
Fall: 21.10 1901

Enstate chondrite, EL 6
Corner cut, 490g
Size: 7,6 x 5,0 x 6,8 cm

From the cloudy sky a hard bang and long lasting thunder was heared at the midday on the 21st of October 1901. K.Siivonen who worked on the field heared a whistling sound, but could not see the meteorite to fall even it landed just 100m from him. A.Sulander who was working around 500m from the fall site also heared the sound of falling.
After three days a local farmer Kustaa Lehtilä went to to plow fields and found a half meter deep hole. From the bottom of the hole was the 14 kg oriented meteorite found.

Specimen Description:
A corner cut with fresh fusion crust and Helsinki University collection number. This is ex Robert Haag collection piece. Piece comes with two museum labels from The Helsinki University collection and original analysis card of Hvittis meteorite done by Professor Birger Wiik.

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