Meteorites – R. Haag

Sahara 8500, mesosiderite, Haag Collection Catalog page 46
North West Africa, Find, 1985 by the Labanne family, Slice, 99grams, size: 8,5 x 7,8 x 0,5 cm

Sahara 98004, CV3, Haag Collection Catalog page 73
North West Africa, Find, 1998 by the Labanne family, Slice, 135grams, size: 10,0 x 8,0 x 0,7 cm

Dar Al Gani 749 ,CO3, Haag Collection Catalog page 83
Libya, Find,1999, Slice, 60 grams, size: 8,5 x 4,9 x 0,5 cm

Remarks: Ex Robert Haag collection

These meteorite slices come from very special provenance, from the private collection of The Meteorite Man, Robert Haag. He is a legend in the area or meteoritics.

Robert A. Haag, The Meteorite Man (born 1956)is an American famous for collecting meteorites. Haag is the Indiana Jones of meteorite hunters, and has visited dozens of well-known and obscure countries in search of the space gems. He has mounted expeditions to the most remote regions on Earth, combing the back country of Chile, Argentina, Namibia, Australia, Mexico, Egypt, Siberia and others, making his own roads, navigating by the stars, and often flying over the area in his paraplane to help spot the treasure. 

Some meteorites acquired from Haag are currently on display in the Smithsonian. Haag was the first private citizen and meteorite hunter to discover a Lunar meteorite, known as Calcalong Creek. It was discovered among other meteorites coming out of the Australian Millbillillie meteorite (eucrite achondrite) strewn field. It was bought as a Millbillillie by Haag, but he discovered it was a lunar meteorite. He was also one of the first private citizens to obtain Martian meteorites.

Specimen Description:
These complete slices are from the private collection of Robert Haag. Meteorites are pictured in the Haag collection catalog, 2003. The complete catalog can be seen here:

Meteoritical Bulletin Database

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