NWA 8505

NWANorth West Africa
Find, 2014
Half specimen, 635g
Size: 12,0 x 5,5 x 4,8 cm
Remarks: Piece have some fresh crust

A single stone was purchased from a Moroccon meteorite dealer Rachid Chaoui in Zagora in 2014. Piece was acquired together with Tomasz Jakubowski and cut to half. A piece was send to analysis to dr Ansgar Greshake , MNB. We (Jarkko Kettunen and Tomasz Jakubowski) donated a slice of this meteorite to the Mineralogical Museum in the University of Wroclaw in Poland.

The meteorite consists of about 60% silicates and 40% Fe-Ni metal. Silicate portions contain abundant low-Ca pyroxene and calcic plagioclase as well as minor augite, olivine, silica, and merillite.

low-Ca pyroxene: Fs 30.1±2.2 Wo 3.3±0.8 (Fs 25.1-32.4 Wo1.9-4.2, n=22), FeO/MnO=18-30; Ca-pyroxene: Fs 14.6±1.1 Wo 41.2±0.7 (Fs 12.8-17.1 Wo39.9-42, n=10), FeO/MnO=17-26; calcic plagioclase: An 92.9±1.2 (An 90.4-95.1, n=19)

Specimen Description:
This is very fresh mesosiderite with beauty preserved fusion crust on the outside of the piece. Especially interesting is a fusion crust on silicate parts reminds a HED like crust.

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