Bingol, Turkey
Fall, 2.9.2015 at 20:10:30 UT

Achondrite, howardite
Complete piece, 300g
Size: 8,8 x 6,4 x 3,8 cm

On the 2nd of September, 2015 at 23:05 meteorite pieces fell in Bingol central Saricicek (Haci Cayir) village and surrounding regions in Turkey, which gained the attention of the Turkish Scientists and NASA.

No sonics were reported, just a flash of light and the sound of  “tok tok tok”of stones pelting a roof as described by Dr. Peter Jenniskens of NASA. The meteor was detected by NASA’s satellites entering the atmosphere. The diameter of the meteor main part was approximately 50 cm in size. The meteoroid was degraded at an altitude of about 40 km.

The first pieces were found by Nezir Ergün, who commented the meteorite fall: “A great light beam covered the whole village the night before last. The whole village was illuminated as if it was daytime. We first thought that it was due to armed conflict because it sounded like that to us. Then it sounded as if it was hailing on the roofs of houses. We could not understand what exactly it was. But the following morning, we saw that meteorites had fallen on the roofs of our houses.”

Specimen Description:
This is a complete piece found by the Ergün family and listed as the 28th officially found piece after the fall. Piece shows fresh glossy fusion crust and is a rare observed howardite fall.

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